Best Water Treatment Technology For Your Home

Aqua Rex sends a signal to the water heater even when no water is flowing and it also sends a signal back into the cold supply in the rest of the home
so mixing valves, showerheads, and kitchen faucets won’t get scaled up either.

How Does Aquarex Differ from a Water Softener

AR-PRO doesn’t use any salt or chemicals and it doesn’t produce any environmentally unfriendly discharges. It needs no maintenance or servicing and it costs hardly anything to run. Most importantly there is no slippery, slimy feel to the water and it’s perfectly healthy to drink.

Aqua Rex

How is Aquarex Better than Water Softener

AR-PRO reduces scaling and also gets rid of old scales in the home. It makes water softer so you use less soap and detergents, which means washing your hair is much better. It can deliver the same benefits as a conventional water softener, and there’s no salt to haul!


Aquarex- Ecofriendly Solution


The AR-PRO is good for the environment. It saves energy as it makes your water heater more efficient. Also, it doesn’t damage the environment like a
traditional softener. Compare this with a conventional softener typically wasting 13,000 gallons of water a year!* They send chloride-rich water into drains and aquifers, it can’t be recycled and it harms aquatic life, plant life, infrastructure, and more! Chloride-rich water is damaging to septic tanks and is not recommended for reuse in gray water systems. With AR-PRO you save money and save the environment at the same time. 

Frequently Asked Question

Only you can decide that. Try it and see! We give you a no condition money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose except your limescale!

The answer is no! The pump in the dishwasher reduces the effectiveness of AR-PRO so you need to use a good hard water detergent and most importantly a hard water rinse aid, such as Lemishine which is available from most stores. If you follow these instructions you should be happy with the results from the dishwasher. Laundry washing machines work better with AR-PRO.

No, the AR-PRO is the most powerful residential product in the Aqua-Rex family. It is only sold through a limited number of select top-tier plumbers who

AR-PRO units are available for all pipe sizes and are installed in hotels, condos, industrial plants, and cooling towers. They are used in schools, colleges,
correctional centers, and military bases, everywhere that hard water is a problem. My water softener guy says no salt softeners don’t work. We can’t speak for other alternatives to traditional water softeners, but AR-PRO technology has been proven effective by IAPMO R&T Lab under the IGC-335 test protocol. The Aqua-Rex product is the only product of its type to have this level of performance verification.

We at ANA Mechanical are excited to present to you Aqua Rex, our fantastic product. Compared to traditional methods of softening, Aqua Rex effectively completes the softening process. It not only softens water, but also eliminates calcium stains from pipes, Sower heads, and water heaters. We look forward to providing you with our best services. Utilize our aqua rex services and get benefits out of it.