Gail Graham
Gail Graham
Property Manager
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In the summer of 2020 The Greenhouse had 2 out of 3 hot water boilers working. The 3rd was waiting on parts for repair. Then the 2nd boiler went out and I was down to 1 boiler for a 23 story 340 unit building. The contractor at the time Evco said that they could replace one with a new Airco boiler at a cost of $75,000, while we waited on parts for the 3rd unit. The Airco boilers were the ones we kept having problems with all the time.

Manny Delia from ANA Mechanical came on a Saturday in July to take a look at our problem. Within a week he was installing 3 new Lars boilers (hot water heaters) for $2,500 more than Evco wanted for one. His staff worked 7 days straight to get all 3 boilers in place. This was in the middle of our first Covid summer.

These boilers have been working great with very few problems. When the occasional problem arises Manny and his staff are always responsive, and solved any problem in a timely manner. I would recommend ANA Mechanical and Manny Delia to any building with boiler or hot water problems.
George Grafstein
George Grafstein
Overlook Terrace South
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It is with great pleasure that I recommend ANA Mechanical for any boiler or other HVAC needs. Mr. D'Elia and his crew recently complete a boiler room conversion for our building. The project timing and the professionalism of the people on site surpassed our expectations. As background, our project consisted of the

• removal of 2) 10,000,000 BTU, 100 horsepower steam boilers,
• removal of 2) 5,000-gallon domestic hot water heat exchanger holding tanks,
• removal of 1) hot water heat exchanger for heating,
• removal of 2 larger heating systems pumps
• installation of 4) 3,000,000 BTU hot water heaters
• installation of 2) plate heat exchangers for domestic water
• and the installation of 2) VFD pumps.
• The work also included major gas piping, valving, control wiring and integration of the equipment into our supervisory system.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, or would like to view the completed project, please reach out.

George Grafstein
Orlando Torres
Orlando Torres
The Palisades
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To Whom It May Concern: It is a great pleasure to write this letter and recommend Manny D'Elia, Master Plumber and Mechanical Contractor. I have been working with Manny and his team for several years and they have always been able to handle any issue and solve all our plumbing issues from major installations to smaller plumbing projects. Manny and his team are some of the most talented plumbers and performed plumbing tasks exceptionally well. Under Manny's leadership, they are an energetic and highly talented group of plumbers and mechanical service technicians. They are not only quick at learning new concepts and good at solving complex plumbing problems, they are logical and resourceful. ANA Mechanical has profound skills in:

■ Reading blueprints, drawings, and specifications to determine the layout of plumbing systems.
■ Installing and servicing plumbing systems, fixtures, piping equipment, and controls.

Moreover, ANA Mechanical is very dependable, they have a great work ethic and excellent professional attitude.

In my professional opinion, ANA Mechanical will be the right plumber for your project. Once again, I strongly recommend you consider them for all of your mechanical up grades, services, preventive maintenance, and all other plumbing needs at your property.

Orlando Torres - General Manager
Taylor Management Company
As Agent for the Palisades