George Grafstein

To whom it may concern

It is with great pleasure that I recommend ANA Mechanical for any boiler or other HVAC needs. Mr. D’Elia and his crew recently complete a boiler room conversion for our building. The project timing and the professionalism of the people on site surpassed our expectations.
As background, our project consisted of the

• removal of 2) 10,000,000 BTU, 100 horsepower steam boilers,
• removal of 2) 5,000-gallon domestic hot water heat exchanger holding tanks,
• removal of 1) hot water heat exchanger for heating,
• removal of 2 larger heating systems pumps
• installation of 4) 3,000,000 BTU hot water heaters
• installation of 2) plate heat exchangers for domestic water
• and the installation of 2) VFD pumps.
• The work also included major gas piping, valving, control wiring and integration of the equipment into our supervisory system.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, or would like to view the completed project, I can be contacted at the number above or via email at [email protected].


George Grafstein